It sounds pretty obvious, but it all starts with the brand. You ask any of my internet marketing companions here at RocketMill and they will agree that branding is a very important. A strong brand makes marketing a heck of a lot easier.

Its about who you are and what you stand for!

A brand is essentially a representation (visual and otherwise) of your company’s values and goals. Spending time to really understand your company’s values and goals is a hugely beneficial exercise in creating a strong brand. Even if you already have a brand, its still worth looking into it to make sure everything aligns as it should. Read my post ‘Internet Marketing: Starting From The Inside Out’ to get a better understanding if you need to.

I’ve drawn up a quick diagram to help illustrate the importance of a brand in the context of marketing:
The Importance Of A BrandAs you can see here, the brand is a core part of the process in the wider context of marketing. If the brand (or the values and goals that you aspire to) is weak, everything that follows it in the diagram above will be negatively affected as a result.

Other benefits of having a killer brand

  •  Gives you a direction morally and financially – A good brand needs you to consider long term missions for your company. Doing this gives you a purpose, and allows you to push your company in the direction you intend.
  •  Helps employee culture – Having a strong brand unifies your employees. They become part of a tribe, and get a feeling of purpose and direction for where the company is heading. Higher productivity and higher retention rates occur as a result.
  • Helps recruitment – For similar reasons above, more people will want to join your company. And if they are passionate about wanting to work for you, its because they agree with your brand values.

“The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability.” –  Simon Mainwaring

So our advice to you is before you think about marketing is invest the time and money in getting your brand at a stage where you feel it truly represents you and what you stand for. If you do, then the foundations are there to take your marketing and sales to the next level.