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25 Sep 2023

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Are your digital touchpoints driven by inclusivity?

Our focus is often on quantifying user actions with performance metrics, making it easy to lose sight of the very people our marketing efforts aim to reach and engage. 

Using an inclusive design framework to inform your design decisions helps enable, empower and engage people of all ages, abilities and circumstances. 

It focuses on empathising with people who reach your website or service and adapts digital interfaces, written content and user journeys to ensure a diverse range of needs are met and fulfilled.

Inclusivity and the customer experience

It is estimated that: 

Incorporating an inclusive design framework for your digital touch points will ensure that each engagement metric is not just a statistic but a result of a positive and inclusive user experience.

Checking your website

To ensure your digital touchpoints are driven by inclusivity:

  • Conduct research with your audience to identify any gaps with their wants and needs.
  • Ensure your website conforms to WCAG Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Ensure customer data input is accessible, flexible and inclusive, e.g in online forms.
  • Add product-filtering options that address user needs (e.g. by age).
  • Prioritise diversity and inclusion in imagery, illustrations and content.

If you need support in making your website more inclusive and accessible, get in touch with RocketMill’s UX team.