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10 Jan 2022

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Are you maximising video transcription for organic visibility?

What is it?

Videos are increasingly becoming a great way of improving your organic visibility through search engines. By creating a video with an optimised transcript, you can increase your chance of being visible within relevant keyword searches.

Within the Google SERPS, there is the possibility for your video to appear as a YouTube Suggested Clip. This is a when Google pulls out a timestamped part of a video, directly within a set of Google search results. Videos are pulled directly from YouTube into the search results (based on their relevance in conjunction to the keywords used) and offer the user an opportunity to play back the most relevant section.

Why is it important?

You may already be optimising your site for SEO and pairing that with a video can help boost your visibility for certain keywords even further. Occupying another place in SERPs gives you a big advantage over your competitors in terms of authority and visibility.

By engaging your audience more at this consideration phase, you’re much more likely to encourage them to convert and advocate for your brand at a later date.


What to do next?

  1. Talk to your SEO team to establish the potential opportunity.
  2. Create a plan of action by collaborating with your SEO and Creative teams.
  3. Start publishing the content, ensuring the transcript, metadata and thumbnail is fully optimised ahead of launch.

And – feel free to speak to us if you want any further assistance.