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23 Feb 2024

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Apple Search Ads: Where will my ads show?

Apple Search Ads offer huge potential for reaching engaged users directly within the App Store. There are four primary ad placements on offer; Today Tab, Search Tab, Search Results and Product Pages. 

This short blog will take you through the key features of each placement to help you to find the best approach for your business goals.

Today Tab

The Today Tab is the premium ad placement when opening the Apple app store, fully visible when users first arrive.

There has been a recent update which allows custom product page assets to animate in the background.

More than half a billion people start their app store journey each week, making this ad placement an excellent awareness opportunity. It is perfect for content launches, special events and seasonal promotions, and is the most expensive ad placement available.

Search Tab

The Search Tab allows you to reach users as they begin their search for apps to download. Before the user searches, we can capture their attention by appearing at the top of the ‘suggested apps’ list.

This provides an excellent opportunity to drive awareness and downloads of an app.

Search Results

Search Results reach users the moment they search for apps to download.

When a user searches on the App Store, your ad can appear at the top of their search results. Very similar to Google ads!

Primarily this helps to drive downloads by targeting users that are ready to convert; this placement has very high conversion rates.

Product Pages

Product Pages reach users when they are browsing other pages across the app store. Ads appear at the top of the ‘You might also like’ list to users who have scrolled to the bottom of other product pages.

This targets users who have proven themselves to be in the consideration stage by researching apps and getting information to help decide whether to download.

What to do next

Before going live in Apple Search Ads it is important to decide before launch which placement is right for you. Each placement has its own advantages which should be carefully considered.

Do you want to spread awareness? The Today Tab would be a good place to start. 

Are conversions the primary aim for your campaigns? Search Results is the placement for you.

If you need support in finding the right approach, our team can help.