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04 Sep 2023

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Apple Search Ads launches its own Ad Library

Apple Search Ads has finally launched an ‘Ad Repository’, Apple’s equivalent of the Meta Ad Library. 

In its early stages, the functionality includes:

  • Searching by app or developer
  • 90, 180, 360 day lookback
  • Availability in selected European countries (it does not yet include the UK)

What are the benefits of an Ads Repository?

This latest update from Apple means advertisers can quickly search for and view competitor ads, including Custom Product Pages, across a number of European countries.

In addition to this, we’re able to see the Placement, Format, basic Targeting Parameters, First Impression and Last Impression of the ads.

Understanding what and where your competitors are running gives you the opportunity to stand out, cut through and drive greater impact.

Getting started with Apple’s Ads Repository

Try it for yourself by visiting and see where your competitors are advertising.

We anticipate Apple adding new features and regions in the near future.

If you’re a brand with a IOS app and either haven’t ventured into Apple Search Ads, or aren’t sure if you’re getting the most out of your performance, then reach out to our team today.