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20 Jun 2022

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What is it Amazon Prime Day?

This year, Amazon Prime Day will take place on the 12th and 13th of July. The two-day annual event offers Prime members discounts across a wide range of products, bigger than those of a normal sale on Amazon.

In 2021, an astonishing 250 million items were purchased over Prime Day and Amazon saw a 7% YoY increase in Prime Day sales (with 2020 45% up on 2019). 

Top selling product lines are electronics, Amazon devices, tools, beauty, nutrition and baby care.

Why is it an important day for retailers?

Prime Day offers a huge annual sales opportunity on Amazon. It is very competitive but there are big wins available if you plan ahead. 

You can create deals and promotional offers to help your products stand out against the competition.

You can expect to see additional traffic to your products during the week before Prime Day but this will be at a lower conversion rate with shoppers in “browsing” mode. 

The highest conversion rate and sales come over Prime Day, followed by a “halo effect” of increased sales in the days after.

How can I get ready for Prime Day 2022?

Follow these seven steps to get ready for Prime Day 2022:

  1. Check current stock levels ahead of time
  2. Review current product listings for accurate up-to-date A+ content
  3. Decide which products to promote over the Prime Day sales
  4. Set up Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand campaigns in Amazon Ads to specifically promote these products
  5. Allocate dedicated budget towards these over the Prime Day sale
  6. Monitor constantly and be prepared to be flexible with budgets/campaigns based on sales
  7. Keep running your campaigns for a week after Prime Day to take advantage of the “Halo” effect

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