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12 May 2023

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We are RocketMill
This is Annie Freer

Our Client Leadership team provide strategic direction and support to our clients – planning, organising, and overseeing the execution of projects and campaigns to ensure they are completed on time and within budget. Annie Freer, Account Executive shares more in the next We are RocketMill blog.

Your role in a sentence?

I act as the glue between the clients and RocketMillers who set the direction of the account, and the team delivering on the account day-to-day.

Favourite part of your role?

I love making people smile on a stressful and busy day, and encouraging them to do their best work. 

Your journey so far?

I’ve been on a real journey! Going from zero digital marketing knowledge to helping manage multiple work streams across lots of accounts has been a wild ride. Looking back at how far I’ve come, from being a university graduate to now, makes me realise just how much I’ve learnt. 

Best project to date?

A short project with a client covering SEO, UX and creative. It wasn’t the content necessarily, but it was the first time I felt completely confident managing it alone, from the start of the project to the end. It was a proud moment!

Advice for someone looking to start in client leadership, or digital marketing in general?

Don’t panic that you don’t know things. Expect not to know anything, and focus on learning.

It feels like building a house from scratch – you build a foundation, then slowly you’ll start to have walls, and then some windows, a door and soon it looks like a house. 

Sometimes a bit of rain gets in, but that just tells you where the cracks are. Fix them up and keep going! 

Why RocketMill?

Each and every person I work with is genuinely a very decent human being. That’s just the baseline expectation at RocketMill. 

We are all a work in progress in the best way possible. No one thinks they’re right all the time and opinions are always welcomed to inform positive change. 

Life outside of RocketMill?

My ideal day out is a trip to a National Trust place, eating scones and drinking tea. I love taking trips to anywhere on the English coast, playing beach cricket and watching the sunset. 

I love to sew, draw, paint – basically anything creative. It’s the only thing that truly makes me feel zen.

My ultimate dream is to live in a cottage full of things I’ve made, listen to Taylor Swift on vinyl and have lots and lots of dogs.