Zynga one of the biggest social gaming companies in the world has filed for an IPO at £623m. The company employs just over 2,000 people and has grown to 148 million unique users per month in over 150 countries.

In the filing Zynga’s CEO and founder Mark Pincus outlines his company’s core values as:

  • Build games you and your friends love to play.
  • Surprise and delight our players.
  • Zynga is a meritocracy.
  • Be a CEO and own outcomes.
  • Move at Zynga speed.
  • Put Zynga first, decisions for the greater good.
  • Always innovate.

Interestingly and quite rightly so, Zynga lists its reliance on Facebook as its biggest threat. This reminds me of Steve Jobs’s most valuable lesson to developers “Do not build on rented land.”

Zynga acknowledges the fact that it is built on rented land foreseeing their business would be harmed if:

  • Facebook discontinues or limits access to its platform by us and other game developers;
  • Facebook terminates or does not renew our addendum;
  • Facebook modifies its terms of service or other policies, including fees charged to, or other restrictions on, us or other application developers, or Facebook changes how the personal information of its users is made available to application developers on the Facebook platform or shared by users;
  • Facebook establishes more favorable relationships with one or more of our competitors; or
  • Facebook develops its own competitive offerings.