YouTube Analytics reports are generated using the same data that users are used to seeing in Insight and much more. The data is presented in a way that is designed to be more useful and interactive.

The Summary report shows a high-level summary of the main reports in YouTube Analytics. Here, you can quickly see some top-level performance metrics for your content on YouTube. Clicking on the title of each widget will take you to that specific report where you can view additional information.

Views and Viewers
The Views and Viewers report captures data about your views and monetisable views for the content, location and date range specified in the data filter. Views data is updated in real time up until your total views reach 300, after which it updates once a day.

The Demographics report helps you to understand the age range and gender distribution of your audience. You can adjust the time and geographical region to see how the breakdown of your audience varies. You can view this data in both interactive graphs and a chart with numerical data.

Traffic Sources
The Traffic sources report (formerly Discovery report in Insight) shows the various sites and YouTube features through which the viewer found your content. There are many ways people find videos: they search for them on YouTube, click on Suggested Videos thumbnails, follow links from social networking websites like Twitter or Facebook, etc. You can tick or untick the boxes next to particular sources, such as Google Search, to include or remove these sources from your report. This will allow you to compare only the traffic sources that you care about or examine a single traffic source more closely.

The Favourites report (formerly part of Community in Insight) displays a summary of how many users favourited your content, how many removed it from their favourites and the net change. See your cumulative favourites over the selected date range and location.