If you are serious about your online business then you will know that getting a website to rank (particularly if there is competition) has become much more difficult. While there is a lot of information out there about this, the rules of the game are pretty simple. You have to build what people want – if you want to succeed. Google, it seems has grown up and it is not so easy to pull the wool over her eyes anymore.

It is true that there are two parts to every successful SEO Campaign; the work done on the site and the link building aspect. Like to the old Sinatra song “Love and Marriage”- you can’t have one without the other.

What used to go into link building?

There was a time, not so long ago when ‘throwing’ a lot of links at a site would do the job – whatever the content on the site was, you could get it to rank in the search engines. Things like PageRank and anchor text were important. This was a more mechanical process that was a “rinse and repeat” process. As a result of this, in some market niches the quality of the sites were unsightly. Google has moved to correct this and is still working on refining this process.

What needs to go into link building now?

When you build a link, you should be looking at more than just the link. Can this link bring traffic to your site? Is the page you’re linking to relevant to the page you’ve linked from? I like to look at other factors, for example ‘is there any social media activity on the site?‘. Traffic that comes to your site from these links can potentially become high converters for your website – Good links can lead to good conversions.

New content makes a big difference

You have to look at you website as you would look at any successful business; whatever you are selling you have to keep this fresh and up to date. You need to have new content, new whatever it is to keep your customers coming back. If your site never changes, why would your customers want to go back there? The changing of content is an important part of Google’s algorithm – you should make it an important part of your business strategy.

Making sure you are doing everything to help your campaign

It is important to remember that Google has a lot of trust with those using it. People using this service will tend to look at the top results. Getting onto the front page will help you gain some of this trust. Google will keep you there as long as it trusts you.  It is in our best interest (the SEO Company) to keep this trust – you know your business better than anyone else and the more you help us keep your online business in-line with your business values, then the more trust there will be and the more business you will get. The bottom line is this – the more you put in, the more you will get out.