I’ve often found in working with larger WordPress sites that filtering through all pages can be difficult. What I really wish I could do is filter the pages by page template. Countless times I’ve wanted to find all the pages or just one page that I know is using a certain page template. Well here is a nice light plugin that solves this issue.

What does the plugin do?

First of all it adds a drop down list of page templates to filtering system. Secondly it adds a column to the page list with the name of the page template for each page.


If you find this plugin as useful as I do, then you are welcome to download it here:

Download – WPAdmin Page Template Filter

How to Install?

Use the button above to download the plugin. Then log in to your wordpress installation and then under Plugins click Add New. Choose Upload from the links near the top of the page and navigate to the zip you’ve just downloaded. Now just click Install Now.