Klout is obviously promoting itself as the leading service in the social media sector. It has been integrated in some of the most popular social media monitoring tools such as Radian6. Previously, I demonstrated how easy it is to game Klout in a couple of blog posts.

A lot of people agreed with my analysis but this time I thought perhaps I should ask a real world question to find out whether Klout is actually “useful” or not. So here it is, it is a rather simple question. Let’s suppose you are a recruiter, will you hire a SEO consultant or social media marketer based purely on their Klout?┬áIf you are not going to do so, then why should companies rely Klout scores for anything else?

Please vote below and share it with your friends, colleagues and others. I will do a follow up blog post based on the data gathered from this poll and will share it with you.