Google’s recent +1 button launch has added something to their search interface that is very similar to Facebook’s Like button. But it has one major difference – it doesn’t have a social hub to back it up.

The +1 button will be shown in both natural and paid for search results so will it effect PPC and will it be easy pickings for SEO spammers? On PPC Google have claimed it will not effect quality scores but have also mentioned that it does increase click through rates. Surely click through rates in turn effect your quality score and therefore +1 will impact quality scores.

Certain SEO tactics have already included using social buttons to effect natural results and +1 will certainly be a focus for unscrupulous SEO teams. +1 will simply be too alluring for them not to try and game it. It will impact natural results, add an inviting element to your listing, and impact your CTR in PPC.

So will +1 succeed. Looking at previous efforts from Google with Google Stars and Searchwiki leaves me sceptical. They both offered you the chance to vote for preferred links and failed. Facebook’s Like button works because we use it to share with friends not the world.

I feel Google are layering their offering with social tiers due to being nervous about Facebooks momentum. You only need to see the surge in traffic to sites from Facebook, the share of ad spend Facebook commands and the recent bout of TV advertising  and competitions from major brands where they neglect mentioning their own site in favour of their Facebook profile.

+1 lacks a social hub and therefore seems a tad shallow to me.