The migration of advertising budgets towards the internet has been dramatic. The traditional platforms of press and TV have seen their market share dissipate as new online behemoths have emerged. But what are the key reasons clients have chosen to deploy their budgets in internet marketing?

In short it is accountability. After decades of deploying revenue in mediums that provided little feedback businesses have an avenue that provides ample data and the ability to gage ROI. The internet provides immediate data that allows you to understand what is working and therefore you can refine your investment in real time.

Traditional media recognised this issue a long time ago and have fought to provide an alternative. Direct response mechanisms such as unique telephone numbers or URL’s have had some success and on the more detailed end of the spectrum econometric modelling has helped clients understand their return.

But this data, the time it takes to collate and it’s depth pale when compared to online advertising. With internet marketing you can immediately start to understand the return you are getting and refine it reap maximum benefit.

Is it any wonder in a fragile economic recovery plagued by a European sovereign debt crisis, currency devaluation, political volatility in the Middle East and disaster in Japan that businesses are ploughing their marketing budget in an accountable environment.