Great content is what we strive for; it’s what we all should strive for on our own sites.

This past month I had the chance of going to an Econsultancy course on Digital content strategy, something that is increasingly finding its way into the world of SEO. Gone are the days of where an SEO’r can come along and spam the content to an inch of its readability with the targeted keywords and then build a few site wide links and wipe their hands clean of it and move on to the next project.

No no, those days are long gone my friend – now we need to know how to make sure the content is readable for users and not search engines.

Now I’ll admit that this course did sometimes stray away from where I wanted it to go with its relevance to my day to day job of SEO’ing, but it did get me thinking and acknowledge even more that the importance of content can’t be stated enough. It’s where you can gain and lose your reputation; a poor link profile may grab all the headlines but the content is what will help you drive traffic and retention and provide customers with that reason to come back (that and a good user experience of course).

On page content writing

When writing content for your own site it is important to remember that you have brand guidelines to follow – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your content, unless you’re possibly an HR company. Your content is there to serve a purpose and that is more than likely to drive conversions, there is no point undertaking an arduous link building campaign and getting your landing page up the rankings for the content to let you down. Make your content readable & linkable – the reason I say this is because there is no simpler task then getting free links from great content. Imagine your work is so great that you don’t even have to do any link building because you have become the source! Your work is what people are linking to as the reference of that specific topic. Couldn’t be a simpler way of link building but that doesn’t mean it is easy to come by.

Off page content writing

A content strategy can still serve a purpose for when you are creating content in return for a link back to one of your landing pages. Keeping your content unique is imperative and what people would want. The reason why they would have allowed you to contribute on their site in the 1st place is because they were more than likely interested in your view and opinion on the said topic, and in return we get a nice link out of it all. Make your content interesting & engaging – now we have all had comments on an article we have written where we are having our ego fed and then you realise they were just trying to sneak a link on in the comments section. Well imagine your guest post didn’t go to waste and you have actually appealed to someone who has their own blog. Again, the hard work has been taken away from you (finding a site to host your content) through some great content and you have got another link out of it. Pretty awesome right? (Yes)


Whether we are writing for our own site or for the hope of contributing content to another site, the content needs to be human orientated and not geared towards the search engine. Make it human friendly and you will reap the benefits.