Students today are having a harder time with their future career prospects than ever before. As a consequence of increased levels of graduates, there is now a much higher standard of competition when it comes to finding employment. As well as that, many graduates are unsure of the career path that they want to take and as a result they often find themselves sending out hundreds of CVs, writing countless cover letters and, in extreme cases, debating the pros and cons of living as a hermit on the outer Mongolian plains.

I speak from personal experience here – as a History & Politics graduate of 2015 I can definitely say that these are all trials that I have gone through.

It was therefore a huge personal relief when I was offered the opportunity to join RocketMill as the latest Bid Media intern, though it is probably important to point out at this stage that my background in digital marketing was limited and a career in Paid Search was not my main focus. I originally wanted to be a curator! That meant the beginning of my employment at RocketMill was not just the start of a new job, but also an introduction to a brand new industry.

Since starting the internship my perception of digital marketing has radically changed (for the better!) and my experience at RocketMill has certainly been a unique one so far. There are very few companies that will greet you on your first day by lining the hallway and chanting your name. I felt like a rock star!

So with my RocketMill Bible in hand I began to prepare for the start of my development in the digital kingdom. Over the course of the internship I would be schooled in the mythical ways of marketing, come to grips with the essential terminology and hopefully become a Bid Media Jedi – a difficult task considering my previous experiences were focused around 17th-century naval officers!

Something that quickly becomes apparent to anyone who has just started their journey through digital marketing is that there is a lot to learn, and the vast amounts of terminology and abbreviations can give the sense that the digital dialogue is a language all of its own. Fortunately, at RocketMill we have a team of experts who are always willing to walk you through even the simplest of concepts. And the best thing is that as soon as you can distinguish your CTRs from your CPCs, you can really start to get to grips with the more complicated strategies that can unlock the full potential of a client’s account.

After recently passing the eight-week milestone, I think it’s fair to say that I have come a long way from the history student I started out as. Now, as an AdWords-certified intern, I have begun to really get stuck into the crux of paid search, and it is hard to imagine that I ever considered a different career path. As a result of the guidance from Kate, our Bid Media head, and the patience of my training manager, Mat, I am now confident in my work here at RocketMill and I am looking forward to my future in this field.

My final advice to anyone starting on their journey in digital marketing is to always ask questions. There is a lot to learn and the majority of the subject matter can be quite complex. In an industry where everything is rapidly evolving it helps to ask questions, test boundaries and stay ahead of the game. Also, make good use of the resources available – the Google AdWords help site is an A-to-Z guide on all things PPC, and blog sites such as WordStream offer innovative insights on current events and future developments within the industry. And of course, we have a whole team of experts here at RocketMill who are leading the charge in digital marketing who can help.

Whatever your experience level, I wish you good luck in your digital marketing adventure – I hope you find it as rewarding as I have!