It’s an interesting subject… what do I look for in an SEO company?  Now bearing in mind that I am a marketer of the traditional ilk – I built my name and reputation through print advertising and PR, direct mail and the other more traditional stuff that some online advocates can eschew, I would say that the first thing I look for in an SEO company is empathy.  Be nice to me.  Talk to me in plain English.  Please don’t spout all manner of statistics at me and curious techie babble, peppering it with anecdotes that you would share with your peers, generally making me feel as though my brain cells have gone underground.

I want you to understand my client’s business from all angles because if you do, you’ll come up with a business solution rather than an SEO only solution.  In my experience, there is seldom one magic marketing pill that can propel a business from relative mediocrity to superstardom.  Please don’t try and pull the wool over my eyes by promising miracles on a shoestring if it’s going to take big bucks and several months before we get anywhere.

Warming to that theme, I want you to be absolutely honest.  If you can’t help my client, or if you can, but it would empty their pockets of their very last penny, I want you to gracefully back off and explain that this is the case.  By the same token, I’d love to see you brimming with confidence if you can help my clients in spades and, they don’t have to sell the family silver for the transformation process to unravel splendidly before our eyes!

And finally, it’s so important that you are just nice, genuine and honest human beings, able to serve up a decent cup of coffee, to humour me when I am veering off the tracks and gently bring me back to the point.  And I haven’t even got started yet on your professional credentials and qualifications.  That can probably wait for another blog!