There are a few core elements that all good social networkers share. Apply these and you’ll soon become a highly effective social ntworker:

  • A considered approach – Make sure you pay thought to how you are going to portray yourself and follow it through with conviction as well as consistency.
  • Profiles – Start by joining Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn and writing blogs on your own site. This will give you great exposure and allow you to cut your teeth in familiar territory.
  • Will – You have to remove any fears and self-doubt. Just roll your sleeves up and learn on the job. You will quickly become a seasoned networker – BUT – you get back out what you put in.
  • Engagement – Engage with the relevant audience. Comment on articles/blogs, retweet people, compliment people, follow people, and join groups. You will soon feel part of the action and find your feet as a potent social networker.