Daily deal sites are burgeoning. Now, Amazon has joined in the foray with a site providing coupons, called AmazonLocal. Hold on though, this site is only available in Boise, Idaho at the moment. Local businesses are offering 50% or more savings. So if you happen to find yourself holidaying in Idaho you can buy your ice cream for half price.  Look out though because this is set to expand quickly to other Cities.

While being similar to Groupon this site is not actually offering its own deals but the coupons come from LivingSocial . This would lead you to think that Amazon are acting as a deals aggregator rather than offering a deals product. LivingSocial are using Amazon’s platform and are similar to Groupon. Amazon invested $175 million in them in 2010.

Lets face it, they are all at the daily deals business now with Facebook, Google and even the New York Times joining in. As Amazon are pretty much the giants of the online marketplace it is not before time that they got in on the act.

That’s not to say that there aren’t established daily offer aggregators out there, such as Yippit and Dealery. But with Amazon’s magnificent reputation, possibly the biggest reputation of an online markeplace, they make a much scarier competitor than most!