Recent published research indicates that we find Facebook stressful. The guilt of turning down friends or not managing them well leaves people feeling pressurised. Then there is the demand to entertain through the endless minutiae of one’s life – most of us lack this creative flair or the time to apply it.

Most relationships benefit from an absence and the resulting energetic, warm, meaningful and educational communications that follow.

So what learning’s can businesses take from the personal social web?

So many businesses are now suffering from the aforementioned stresses that exist in personal social media. Their desire for consistent blogs, a deluge of Tweets and regular newsletters is not matched by a quality message. Very few businesses can provide interesting insights on a never ending conveyor belt.

And – if we don’t have enough time to listen to our friends then who is going to listen to your corporate drum banging?

So here’s what you should learn. Only make a noise when you have something valuable to say and never sell directly via social media. Social media for businesses should be another avenue to talk to your audience with a quality content not an environment to be polluted with mindless sales messages.