Are you sitting comfortably? …Then I shall begin.

In a distant age called the 90’s the World Wide Web was born. It was seen as an achievement, a way of sharing information freely, something that everyone could access. But it grew and it grew fast. There was no control, no way of stopping this massive expansion of data sharing. Out of this boiling, brooding cyberspace came a shining beacon of hope… The Web Designer. They came in masses to tame the web, to present data in a friendly and accessible way and to make cyberspace easy to navigate.

Designs in those days were crude and sometimes mistakes were made, but their hearts always remained pure. At least, that was what we were once led to believe. In the dark alleys and dingy bars of cyberspace a nameless terror stalked. This terror would seek out the unsuspecting Web Designers and like a leech suck out all of their creative ability. These once angelic Web Designers would be reduced to long toothed slobbering monsters with eyes of fire whose only relief from eternal damnation is to melt people’s eyes with awesomely horrific website design.

You may be foolish enough to think that this is all distant history, over a decade ago. However, you would be wrong. I have some examples of these horrors right here. For those of you with a nervous disposition look no further. Those of you foolish enough to continue, be warned that I have seen peoples eyes deliquesce in their sockets whilst looking at some of these atrocities.

It’s hard to know where to begin. Click on the images below to be taken directly to the horror sites, if you dare…

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