Welcome to the first blog post in a series of five looking at simple improvements that will make decent web designs even better.  The following 5 videos (6 including the introduction video below) will look into common design discrepancies in modern web design, which will helpfully give you more of an idea in what to look out for when designing and improving your website.

I introduce to you ‘Eternal Life Insurance’ – a fictional company. In my videos, I’ve created two contrasting designs (below) for their site. The first – an acceptable mock-up that has fallen into common design no no’s, and the second an improved new version of its predecessor. Hopefully these mock-ups will help provide a visual reference, that is easy to understand.

First Design

Eternal Life Insurance

Improved Design

Eternal Life InsuranceNOTE: the videos below are viewed better full screen, and unfortunately are not compatible on mobile devices (YouTube and Jing screencast software don’t get on apparently). Apologies for this, we are on the case to get more mobile friendly equivalents.


Video One: Introduction

Video Two: Imagery

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