Currently, building up a Twitter profile is a must.

Firstly, as most would already know, Twitter is an important tool for social media with a huge following.

There are around 200 million accounts, although not all of them are going to be active, but with around a 100 million tweets a day, that suggests that there is a lot of activity going on.

The main search engines have latched on to this over the years with Google even incorporating Twitter feeds into its results and affecting SERP results (mainly through indexation and displaying the freshest content through following Tweets and Trends).

So now is a good a time to looking at improving and building up your Twitter profile. Twitter has many useful functions such as real time search and personal discovery but what we’re looking to is increasing brand awareness/personal relationships and ultimately higher rankings in the SERPs.

Hopefully, through exploring a few avenues, you should be able to motivate yourself and build up your Twitter profile so that search engines and visitors to your site will give it that extra little loving that your site (or business) will crave.

So why build up your Twitter profile?

Ranking & Indexing

Google uses Twitter as a factor in their rankings particularly for new, hot topics (for example, with Elevate it would be subjects like: what Google or Microsoft are up to; with their acquisitions; new developments, etc.).

This is done via bots crawling the latest trends on Twitter and going through individual’s tweets for discovering new content.

By being active on Twitter and tweeting on particular relevant topics you can see an increase in traffic, it is a great and easy way to get people following your profile and/or possibly linking to your website.

With indexation, building a Twitter profile helps with new content (say, a recent blog post) getting indexed quicker and potentially ranking higher for those keyword terms – especially for new topics that are hot off the press and have not been covered yet. ( Related: See Yousaf’s post on Query Deserves Freshness. )


Building up your Twitter profile helps in being an authority in your market. Although it is not just for potential followers but your profile being recognised in the search engines eyes too, helping them to understand what your niche on Twitter is.


With rapport and relationships, remember, the more relevant and interesting tweets you serve, the more users who will follow you over time (as they will share the same interests as you).

And building relationships helps you get distinguished from the rubble that is out there. Being unique is something that Google loves.

Natural Links & Brand Awareness

Ultimately it helps with awareness of your brand, your services/products and your blogposts (if any), with people naturally linking to your website. Natural links are crucial to winning in the SERPs – improving your rank.

By empowering your Twitter profile from devoting a few extra tweets a week, alongside work on your other traditional methods of internet marketing, you should see some healthy dividends. Not instantly of course, but over time.

So What Can You Do (To Optimise Your Profile)

I’ve broken this up in 2 parts: Onsite Twitter Optimisation and Offsite Twitter Optimisation. Almost as if you were optimising for your own site.

Onsite: On Twitter Itself

So how do we go about promoting your profile?

The real aim is to get people to notice your profile, check you out and, if they like what they see, follow you. Getting Listed by other users is gold dust – it shows you’re an authority or likeable figure – it is what search engines like Google are after.

First take a look at your profile. Simple things likes jazzing up you background; make it more appealing/interesting.

Edit your profile to include topics that you are interested in. “I’m an internet marketer and I love all things Web, SEO, gadgets and tech. “, for instance.

And, obviously, include your URL to your website if it is not already on there.

Regular activity definitely helps. Tweeting regularly 2-3 times, minimum, a week should help, but the more the merrier.

Always keep your Tweets relevant, on topic, and interesting if possible.

You can also tweet on things outside of your interests but it should be interesting in itself.

Use relevant #hashtags where possible. Hitting a trending topic on Twitter helps Google crawl/assess your profile, and again, other users spotting your profile.

If there are a few active users within your business then Retweet each other’s posts when they’re out. Be natural about it; try not to Retweet a Tweet if it is not worth mentioning.

Spur each other on to make a post, tweet to yourselves mentioning interesting links you’ve found using the @username identifier.

Or even ask a relevant question that is bugging you – say, “are canonical tags #html valid?” with a hashtag on HTML, for example.

You could also build lists that are relevant that other Twitterers may follow. Make sure your lists are on-topic and interesting enough to follow.

When you’re tweeting is also an important factor. For UK users it might be better to tweet later in the afternoon for when the States is up and about.

If you have any other interesting tactics or factors please free to post them here. We’re always interested to hear what other users get up to on Twitter.