So get this, not everything is about online marketing. It pains me to say it, as everything I do is about online marketing. But there are other nifty tricks out there that can be used to grab people’s attention and draw them to your business.

When we think of offline marketing, the traditional methods of using newspapers, television and radio to get our message across comes to mind. In some ways these methods are great, enabling us to reach a large audience of potential new customers. However, there is a chance that we could also be targeting audience members who don’t care about our message – a costly mistake to make.

Below are a couple of potential opportunities to develop your marketing profile using offline methods.


Now don’t get me wrong, flyers through the front door informing you that the new local takeaway has a new dish for you to try can be annoying, and often end up in the trash.

Be specific: try to identify events where a large number of your target audience will be gathered at once. This is the time to hand out your flyers – to people who will be interested. Of course, even at an event geared towards your business, you can’t expect to reach your entire audience. But not to worry, as flyers are a great inexpensive form of offline marketing.

Themed Events:

Conventions and live events in your field are great ways of potentially reaching thousands of people specifically interested in your business. As they stroll around, you need to make sure you have something to reel them in. There are likely to be lots of other stands and booths all vying for attention, so it’s imperative you stand out from the competition.

Bloggers and journalists who also frequently attend themed events could potentially provide you with onsite opportunities via links from their websites…if they like your work, of course!


Everyone loves a good deal – find me someone who doesn’t and I’ll find you a liar, as the saying goes!  Coupons usually fall under the category of a good deal.

The key to this method is not to make it any old deal. It’s important to choose a deal that people are going to want to share with others, via word of mouth or through social media and blogging. Getting someone to post a blog about your business is ideal, it means more free links, and we all love those!


OK, I admit it – I couldn’t stay away from including some information about online marketing in this ‘offline’ blog post. However, I protest that this is through no fault of my own, and is more to do with taking advantage of the many and varied opportunities online marketing offers to businesses today. Welcome to the world of modern marketing!