After so much speculation in the press, finally we have confirmation that yes; Facebook and Skype have done a deal. So now you will be able to have a live video chat with your mates on Facebook. This definitely takes Facebook up a level!

Only at the end of last month, June 28th, Google launched Google+ with its Hangouts application that lets you video conference with up to 10 people.

Agreed that at the moment this new Facebook service is only on an invitation basis but surely it can’t help but reduce the success of Google+. People who use instant text chat regularly will get prompts to try out video calling.

Of course Skype are really thrilled about this move. But Google+ has video chat for multiple users not just one, which skype offers.

Then there is the privacy issue. With Facebook justifying its large market value, pushing to attract more users, and then selling more of our info on to make profits, maybe Google+ has an advantage because of less invasion to privacy?

Facebook have some serious security issues with accounts being hacked into. Users are complaining that they are getting no support when this happens and that previous accounts are still activated but out of there control.

Whatever happens here Microsoft are always the winners, because if they are not winning the social network war, they are at least the owners of skype.

By the way Facebook have also released an app for Apple’s ipad and a specialized app for photo sharing on the iphone. The reckoning is that most people using Facebook on mobile devices are twice as active than just using their PC.