For Valentines Day the Google logo has a makeover based on Robert Indiana’s artwork ‘Love’.

2011 Valentines Google Logo
Screenshot: Google Love

Robert Indiana is an American artist associated with the Pop Art movement and designed ‘Love’ which was originally created as a Christmas card made for the Museum of Modern Art.

Robert Indiana Love
For Comparison: A variant of Robert Indian’s ‘Love’

‘Love’ made its way as a sculpture in New York and as an exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. But it also represented a symbol of peace when it was first made during the Vietnam War.

Compared to previous incarnations of the Valentines logo, or even compared to most Google Doodle’s of the day, Valentines for 2011 appears to be the most bold yet (literally); with the letters in capitals, using a different font, and in RGB primary colours – something of an oddity for a typical Google logo.

Nonetheless it is still a great piece of work to enjoy (perhaps, unless you were affected by colour blindness).

Have a Happy Valentines Day! xXx