I am actually going to leave SEO alone and write about one of my favorite TV adverts this week.

In the past couple of years we have witnessed some major companies who have utilized social media to humanize their brands. This is an interesting phenomenon and we will probably see a sudden shift towards this practice by other major players this year, particularly in the technology industry.

In 2009 Intel featured Ajay Bhatt in its Rock Star TV spots. Ajay is a recognized expert in Silicon Valley in the area of I/O technology. He currently is a Chief Platform Architect at Intel and is widely known in the tech industry as the co-inventor of the USB port. The rise USB is self evident, almost everyone of us are using USB in one way or another to the extent that with the rise of smart phones it is very hard not to rely on a USB port/device.

Intel’s Rock Star TV ads were clever  because the campaign was multifaceted. Its concept, execution and the online frenzy it caused was nothing short of genius. By featuring one of it is own employees in a national TV campaign, Intel managed to not only humanise its brand but also to give Intel the opportunity to expand its social media footprint. After the TV advert was  launched, the word “intel” became a buzzword and social networks and blog went crazy which in turn created lots of publicity and from an SEO perspective thousands of quality links.

Another thing that should not go unnoticed is the fact that in a world where only top executives end up on the front page of Times and other fancy magazines, the employees who actually make things happen and in doing so change our world for the better are often forgotten about.  Intel’s TV commercial changed that and by rolling out the Rock Star campaign it enlightened a sense of pride in its own employees and indicated what is it that they do in the world and how much of an impact their work has in the lives of millions of people around the globe.

Here is the Rock Star advert featuring Ajay.

I believe the biggest trends in 2011 would be brand humanization, corporate responsibility (i.e green credentials) and the only way forward for such trends to take off is through social media marketing.