In my previous two posts in this series we have spoken about importing AdWords in to Google Analytics and importing the data from Analytics in to AdWords.  Now it’s time to see how you can see it in your Adwords account. In just a few simple steps you will be able to see the bounce rate, pages visited, average time on site and if they are a new visitors.

Once you are logged in to you Adwords account you will want to:

  • Click on the keyword tab

step 1

  • Click on the columns tab just under the keywords tab

Step 2

  • Click the customise columns

Step 3

  • Click the Google Analytics tab on the left hand side

step 4

  • Then simply “add” the relevant columns you would like to see

step 5

  • Click Apply

step 6

  • The columns will now appear alongside your keywords and any other columns you have activated

step 7


If you don’t want to go to such a granular level, you can do this at adgroup level and campaign level. The steps will be the same other than you would select the adgroup / campaign tab not the keyword tab.

You can also do this for adverts t66 by click5ng on the adverts tab and following the same steps.


  • Bounce rate – the percentage of visits in which users view only one page of your site before leaving
  • Page Visit – the average number of pages viewed per visit to your site. Repeated views of a single page are included within this calculation. This is useful both as an cumulative total as well as when it is viewed with other metrics such as visitor type or operating system
  • Average visit duration – total duration of visits divided by number of visits you have had
  • New Visits – what percentage of people going to your site from a particular keyword are new visitors

It’d be great to hear how you all got on with this three part tutorial, so feel free to leave a comment or any suggestions below!