Have you ever noticed that upon entering your adwords account, it says your “advert is not showing” – even though actually it is and you’re in fact getting clicks? Even I used to review it in the ad preview tool to ensure it was showing. Could you imagine what my client would think if they went in to their adwords account and hovered over an advert that clearly says it’s not showing?  Like in the example below:

AdWords Advert Not Showing

Definitely says “No” in red – not showing. Right?

Wrong… ish. If you look deeper in to the problem, Google will say it is because of your location settings, and that because you’ve picked a specific area, it is not showing.  Google is half right in saying it’s not showing because you have set your location targeting via radius rather than picking a set location. On the other hand, they are wrong about your advert not showing, because your advert will show even if you set a radius location.

So if having the big red “No” in full-view is bugging you, you’ll only have to make a simple change… expect that won’t have any positive or negative effects on your adwords account.  Simply go into your location settings where you set your radius, and add in a city or town in that location. For the example below, I added “London”:





When you’ve made this change, you can keep your radius targeting in place so you can still show to the locations that you want to.  If you recheck your advert, they will all appear as showing. Magic!

 Capture 1