• 256% increase in CTR
  • 1020% increase in Sales over a 6 month period
  • 82% decrease in Cost per Sale

The Account

Universal Posters specialise in selling posters signed by singers and footballers. Universal Posters started work with RocketMill in June 2013; they have been running an adwords account for the past 2 years, and have only been getting 1 sale every few months from it. They know their product is selling because they get around 4 sales a day from organic search, as well as around 6 from direct traffic. Alongside this, they get an extra 2 – 3 a day from repeat business via email marketing. If we can get sales from adwords, this will also increase the amount of repeat business that they get.

The Goal

Get the Adwords account to convert. Over the last year (prior to taking over the account), the adwords account has only had 3 sales. Once the adwords account starts to convert, our aim was to reduce the cost per conversion, improving the overall adwords ROI.

Our Approach

In order to achieve the goal, we needed to completely rebuild the adwords account.

Our strategy involved:

  • each individual singer, band or football club getting their own campaign. This meant we could focus the budget to the different groups of keywords, so for example, when Alex Ferguson retired from Manchester United we were able to allocate more of the budget towards the Man U campaign
  • adding in different keyword match types (BMM, phrase and exact)
  • updating the adverts so they were relevant to the keywords, as well as deep linking the adverts to the correct pages
  • editing the target location so instead of targeting the world we would only targeting the locations the client could deliver to
  • setting the adwords account to manual bidding and optimising the bids regularly in order for the adverts to show in a good positions

The Results


The impact of our strategy was immediate with a sale in the first month, sales have been increasing MOM ever since. Our target has been to continue to increase the number of sales each month and reduce the cost per sale, improvements in both metrics are still continuing.

After making all the changes, the adwords account started to progress; as the CTR and the average position went up, so did the number of sales. Not only did sales increased MOM, but cost per conversion started to decrease.

The importance of account structure (taking a business’s goals into consideration) and efficient management is key to the success of any adwords campaign.


We have not seen a drop in the cost per click, in fact, the cost per click increased, this is due to the removal of low cost keywords that weren’t converting and bidding more aggressively on keywords that did lead to a sale. It is important to note that reducing the cost per click does not always mean you will generate more sales.