I am a big fan of Twitter, it is the only social media platform that I am really active on and I love every bit of it. As much as I love Twitter, I think there are many ways in which it could be improved. Something that I constantly think about is topic-based timelines.

Let me explain. Since an early age I have been curious about a wide variety of subjects. As a result, I constantly try to educate myself on subjects such as marketing, technology, physics, astrophysics, eschatology, international relations, history and religion. I can listen to people and talk about these subjects all day long, I am passionate about all of them. However, I feel that I can’t talk about such a wide variety of subjects on Twitter because the vast majority of my followers only know me and follow me because of SEO, marketing and web development.

I often feel that if I started sharing content on topics other than marketing & SEO then I could easily alienate my followers. I have been thinking about this issue for a long time, to the extent that I even considered creating different Twitter profile which allowed me to talk about specific or closely related subjects/topics. It didn’t take long to conclude that creating different profiles is a silly idea.

Two days ago, I was thinking about this situation and wondered how common this issue could be in the Twitterverse. During this conversion-with-self session I asked myself “Why doesn’t Twitter allow me to follow people and tune into specific topics within their stream?”

I thought about this idea for an hour or so and then decided to share my thoughts with Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo. I have to admit, I didn’t think he would read/reply to my email.

I was quite surprised to see he replied, more importantly he mentions that Twitter is thinking about topic-based timelines….you can read the email exchange below: