Response Tap Required – G.A Dashboard Available Shortly*  

CallTracking any sort of interaction between a web user and a website should be the number one priority of any online marketing agency’s strategy. Not only does it help improve relationships with clients, but it also makes it difficult not improve marketing ROI!

Here at RocketMill, a small percentile of our portfolio includes E-Commerce businesses, and as such most of our work is focused on driving business-to-business leads. As a result of this, we have found that the vast majority of leads are still phone call based and we therefore need to track them to help us optimise our campaigns.

Whilst Adwords offers their own Call Conversions, you have no control over the area code prefix dedicated to these numbers. As such, location based campaigns appealing to local businesses might lose an opportunity to connect to their customers. A recent article brought to my attention by David Szeleta (@Szeleta) by Marc Poirier of Acquisio, (@marcpoirier) highlights this disconnection between SMB’s and their customers on Google:

One tracking system mentioned in the article that offers a solution is Response Tap (formerly AdInsight). Response Tap is our platform of choice and we have found it irreplaceable – almost 50% of our own enquiries come through this channel and we have since been able to properly attribute how businesses are finding us.

single-numbersThe solution is not perfect, and there is still a grey area that we cannot suitably attribute, but it does give us a clearer indication of the effectiveness of the call extension itself and we can at least attribute calls to different campaigns.

Your Response Tap will have to be linked to your Google Analytics account.

The next step will be to create a single track number for each PPC campaign you wish to measure. Please note that if you have a lot of campaigns, you will need to contact Response Tap to request more single track numbers as they limit each account to a maximum of 5 or 6…  You can find Single Numbers by clicking on Manage on the right hand side of your dashboard in Response Tap.

When you are creating these numbers, we have used the following format:

Source: Google Adwords
Description: PPC Call Extension/PPC Mobile Call Extension
Tracking Number: Your Local/Desired area code
Destination Number: Self-Explanatory
Campaign: Label to marry up with your PPC Campaign names
Channel: PPC Call Extension/PPC Mobile Call Extension
Advert Reference: We have not used this at all, as we’ve concluded that adding more variables will mean creating a vast volume of numbers. We may find a use for this with Display Advertising and Remarketing though, and we also think it could be used to designate Adgroups


After you have done this, Response Tap will start to record and deliver a fantastic call log and dashboard where you can listen to and analyse your results. We hoped that this would then enable us to import the goals into Adwords, but Analytics does not recognise these calls as the usual /phonecall “Goal”,** we used to be able to track these as Entrances instead, but the recent changes to Analytics has meant we are no longer able to. We are working on an alternative and will provide a dashboard once this is completed.

Either way, what we have done in creating the Analytics Dashboard is hopefully the next best thing to analysing Response Tap quickly. You will need to alter the widgets so that it corresponds with your Goals and Channel names, but it’s a 5 minute job and if you need any help, please get in touch.

The gaps in our system mean that you are unable (at the moment) to track individual keywords, search terms, adverts or adgroups; but you can at least get a basic understanding of where your leads are coming from; enabling you to monitor and evaluate performance accordingly!

Alternatively, I asked the guys on #ppcchat if they knew of any other companies/software which enabled this kind of tracking. Many thanks to @John_A_Lee for pointing out that the other companies listed in the article; Mongoose Metrics and Bionic Click, both apparently offer this level of tracking for your Phone Calls. (I suspect is a much more fine-tuned system, although I am sure that I am misusing Response Tap in some way too).

Any suggestions or comments? Please use the box below.

Alternatively, you can contact me via Twitter (@DixonPaperClip).

*Due to the recent changes in Analytics the original Dashboard has been compromised! We are currently working on a new one and will post it shortly.