Search Engine Optimization or SEO is considered to be the ultimate solution for a wide array of websites to grab the top spots on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Like the myths associated with just about any other cutting-edge technology that is in a state of constant flux, today there are innumerable misconceptions surrounding the concept of SEO too. The knowledge gap between the experts and the clients is alarming, probably a large number of people just don’t understand the concept of SEO.

1. Meta tag descriptions are extremely important

Meta tags are among the all-time favourite onsite optimisation techniques. While the importance of meta tag descriptions can be written off, the truth is these are not very effective.

2. PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising campaigns improve search engine ranking

There is absolutely no association between a website’s position in the organic search results and PPC campaigns. So, spending huge amounts of money on these campaigns is a futile attempt if you want to promote your products and services on natural search result pages.

3. Manual directory submissions improve website ranking

Directory submissions are one of the coveted SEO methods. The truth is submitting your website to an online directory is now passé.

4. Traffic to a website does not matter in SEO

Website traffic is one of the best indicators of the popularity of a website. While you may not see a change in your overall ranking, it proves your site has potential.

5. Link building campaigns are mandatory

Social Media Optimisation is a better bet when compared to link building campaigns.

6. Flash software on a website is a big no-no

While flash was a problem earlier, this is no longer the case now. Web crawlers use more sophisticated algorithms that help them access text and links embedded in these flash files.

7. SEO is a one-time effort

SEO is an ongoing and constantly evolving process. It is not a one-time thing.

8. There is no such thing as Black Hat SEO or White Hat SEO.

Using unethical methods (Black Hat) of boosting your rank will only result in blacklisting.

9. Optimized pages have 6-7% keyword density

Web crawlers only like pages that have relevant content. There is no fixed mathematical figure.

10. Indexing takes weeks

48 hours is all it takes for a website to get indexed.