Our free tools have been adopted by over 60,000 businesses and agencies globally, including some of the world’s biggest brands.

We are an agency of tinkerers who are dedicated to learning and experimenting. It’s this inquisitive nature that has led to the development of these tools, which we have shared for free with digital marketers and other agencies as a contribution to our community.


For a data-driven, statistically accurate forecast in seconds, simply connect your Google Analytics data to our tool and select your goal.

It’s completely free to use and ensures time, complication and cost are no longer factors in forecasting your marketing performance.

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Social Crawlytics

Social Crawlytics allows you to reverse engineer your competitor’s content marketing. You get to know what content is being shared, where it is being shared, and who are the most potent influencers sharing it. This then empowers you to learn, develop your own strategy and compete.

That’s why it’s now being used by most agencies and the likes of eBay and Microsoft. And it’s free…

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SEO Crawlytics

SEO Crawlytics is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to monitor the behaviour of search engine spiders (or bots) through your website. Armed with the intel on what Google’s bots are doing on your site, such as understanding peak crawl times, depth of visit, and most crawled pages or categories, you can identify roadblocks whilst developing your understanding of how Google retrieves information.

This free plugin is widely used by webmasters across the globe.

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