Facebook are now employing a feature called Tag Suggestions. They say this was launched to help users add tags of their friends in photos, something we all do all of the time. The suggestions are only made to you when you add new photos to your site and only friends are suggested.

Sound OK? Not much wrong there?

Well, the European Union begs to disagree! Their data-protection regulators are probing Facebook over this piece of software, which suggests tagging people without their permission.

Two sides to every argument?

This European privacy watchdog group argue that your photo should only be tagged with prior consent and should not happen by default. This can open up a considerable risk to users according to data protection officials.

Yes, well I can see where they are coming from on that!

This Facebook software is available in most countries and it uses facial recognition software to suggest names of people in the photo based on photos where they have already been identified.


But this feature is active by default and, to be fair, Facebook explain on their blog how you can disable this function.

Yes, well I don’t mind seeing other people’s photos but do I want them to see all of mine?

UK take on the matter?

Greg Jones, UK Information Officer is speaking to Facebook about the privacy aspects of this particular software.  His expectations are for Facebook to be more upfront about how our personal information is being used.

Definitely privacy issues then!!

Personally, I would be more concerned for the broken heart aspect, when setting by default some poor kid sees their significant other with someone else’s significant other!!!!!