It is still early doors but as some of you might already know, we used to be over at Last night we migrated our site to our new destination, The actual migration didn’t take long because we knew the ins and outs of our previous site. Within 45 seconds of removing the robots.txt rules and invoking “change address” in Google Webmaster Tools we had over 100s of visits to our new domain.

This is what happened in the first five minutes:

As you can see, within seconds of changing the address, Google crawls the site and within minutes manages to crawl just over 25 pages. And then something happens, something really interesting when you upload isolated sitemaps through Google Webmaster Tools and ping them through Robots.txt. As you can see below, Googlebot decides to go absolute nuts on the site, within an hour we had just over 250 visits – Bing and Blekko were no where to be seen!

Over the course of next hour the crawl rate drops gradually, almost completely mirroring it is initial reaction but in the opposite direction.

Over the next 10-15 hours, the crawl rate dies down gradually and begins to normalize. Blekko and Bing find their way to the new domain hours after launch.