This month I want to share the process that we at Elevate Local use to make sure our web design projects go as smoothly as possible, for both ourselves, and the client. I will be detailing how we take a project from the first time we meet a client, all the way through to project completion and after launch support.

In this post I will be detailing part 1 of our process, Getting the perfect brief.

Through experience (and a steep learning curve) I have learnt that attaining a thorough and well planned brief, at the start of a project, is essential to helping that project run smoothly. If you don’t have the brief buttoned down before design and coding commences, you can end up running in completely the wrong direction.

The first thing we do is meet the client in person. We are huge believers in working face to face with a client, even if it means travelling to meet them. It is still true that clients buy into people as well as the product they are offering. We pride ourselves in the honest and transparent way in which we work. It is also essential for us to understand our clients business or idea, and what it is that they want to achieve from the project.

In our first meeting we will ask a client to fill out our unique briefing document. This enables us to gather as much information about the project as possible. It’s also designed to protect the client, and acts essentially as a shopping list of all of the key goals, that the project should achieve. We don’t expect our clients to know every detail about the project and its journey, so we try to ask as many questions as possible to obtain any information we think is necessary.

For Elevate Local the briefing process is key. Our aim is to gather everything we will need to design the clients site, that way, we can design accurate mock ups without going back and forth and making unnecessary phone calls. We try to leave the client to get on with what it is they do best, running their company.

When the first set of visuals have been completed, we will send over the designs or meet with our client to discuss any tweaks, or modifications they require. Only when the client is completely satisfied with the design do we take a project to the next step.

We want all of our web design clients to end up with well designed, future proof sites that meets all of their expectations and impresses their customers. Our unique briefing process makes sure that this is the case time and time again.

In my next post “Coding and Creation” I will explain how we go about coding our websites, and how we make sure our clients are left with a very cleanly coded and easy to update website.

If you would like to talk to one of our team about a Web Design, SEO, PPC or Social Media project, please get in touch. Our contact details can be found on our contact page.