Everyone knows the twitter bird and what it represents; this is a great example of creating a web mascot and using it to good effect. The use of web mascots has shot up lately with lots of digital creative company’s adopting a character for their site. Mascots can create a very friendly feeling when interacting with the end user and if used correctly can increase a reader’s interest.

Below is a showcase of what I think are the top 5 mascots on the web today:

5. Silverback

4. Squidoo’s Squid

3. Android

2. Mail chimp

1. Twitter

I think the twitter bird is a great use of a mascot. It is hard to think of twitter or a tweet without picturing their mascot. It fits so well that many web designers create their own bird to display on their sites. I think its safe to say you’ve nailed it when people take it upon themselves to market your site or product for you!