The night was dark and the clouds sank low,

When Jack sat down to work on SEO.

“SEO’s easy!” he’d heard others say,

“I can rank a page top 5 in just half a day!”


But try as he might Jack found no success,

His failed attempts brought him nothing but stress,

“This is futile” Jack sighed with an almighty huff,

Competition in my market sector is just too tough.


It was then that he noticed a figure in the shadows,

A startling sight on this eve of All Hallows,

Jack was so shocked he jumped up and squeaked like a mouse,

Who was this dark rogue who had entered his house?


The stranger appeared an untrustworthy fellow,

His nose was crooked and his teeth were yellow,

Shrouded in a black cloak, his eyes glowed blood red,

And a crooked black hat perched on top of his head.


“Follow me,” he croaked, “if you want to learn,

My methods are risky, Google’s wrath you may earn,

But in just a few days you can rank number one,

Traffic will be plentiful; your job will be done!”


Jack was desperate indeed, his websites were tanking,

His rivals had all sold their souls for top rankings,

They’d done paid links and cloaking, all manner of cheats,

Jack foresaw no other way to compete.


“Very well,” Jack said, “ I’ve heard enough,

Teach me to link farm and keyword stuff!”

The Stranger laughed and cackled with delight,

And Jack worked his dark magic all through the night.


When morning came Jack discovered with glee,

That he was dominating the SERPS as he hoped he would be.

But his joy and elation were tinged with guilt,

As he knew the dark secret of the links that he’d built.


Retribution was swift when it came one dark night,

Jack found himself greeted by a horrifying site;

Because of his methods, so devious and rotten,

Jack’s rankings were gone, lost, forgotten.


So don’t be like Jack, get de-indexed and cry,

Link building’s still possible, but you really have to try!

And don’t be drawn in by the mysterious stranger,

His path may seem easy, but it’s one fraught with danger!