Have you ever been searching for some information on Google and ended up on a page so monstrously bad that it offended each of your senses in turn? Many such pages exist, and the reason they’re often given prominence in search results is down to one thing – links.

Links are the reason the Internet works, and the reason why so much of it is broken. Link building, link buying, link prospecting, and many other similar activities have contorted search results to serve the companies with the largest budgets, and not the end user.

The end of link abuse is in sight, though. Changing user behaviours, social platforms and new technologies are conspiring to give the best digital experience available back to the user. Not by fixing the mistakes of the past, but by fundamentally re-engineering how we find and consume information online.

Many marketers still focus on links, and treat them as the yardstick with which to measure digital success. The digital marketing world has matured beyond recognition since the link was the most important measure of success, and focusing solely on them is at the cost of every other facet of digital marketing – many of which drive more traffic than organic search.

Download our manifesto – to get our take on the digital marketing landscape in the post-link world. How will businesses survive without those precious ten blue links? How will users find information? And what will it mean for businesses which have been religiously focused on collecting links for the last decade?