High Street stores have long since joined the Internet shopping revolution but they are fast getting to grips with the Social media revolution as well.  They can now use a local mobile advertising network through Chalkboard who are based in South East Asia and the US.

The way this works is simple. When you are within a mile of the store their promotions will show up on your mobile automatically. This increases the chances of you walking in to that store and at least taking a look if not making a purchase. But you may purchase something else!

For the store this is not a complicated procedure. They just have to set up an account and enter a 160-character text for a promotion to instantly appear in apps that are part of the Chalkboard ad network.

If you click on the appearing Ad you will be able to view the promotion and get directions also. This differs from Groupon, which is based on which city you are in, you just have to be on the spot to take advantage of the offer.  Using another similar app, check it out at www.jspotapp.com you can follow particular business or watch for keywords like shoes for the ladies or shirts for the guys.

Chalkboard’s service is charged at a flat fee starting at $0.99 per day and business owners send in their unlimited amount of promotions via Twitter, SMS or the dashboard.

This is kicking off big time in Singapore, Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur and is expanding its operation to the US. The great thing is that Chalkboard can use already established mobile app developers so the set up easy. Chalkboard has already teamed up with Oecoway, maker of Facebook app Friendly for the ipad where promotions will be integrated in Friendly’s Places function.

Of course you may be in the minority who might not want to be spammed on your smartphone but there are not many of us who would not want to be checking out the offers.

Let’s not forget that one of the great things about this app is that it gives your little guy in the corner shop his chance at advertising too and that is truly revolutionary!