Recent research by Citi analyst Mark Maheney suggests Facebook is increasing the share of traffic it drives to other sites. In some sectors it has overtaken Google. This is a trend that I see gaining momentum and ultimately maturing as Facebook challenges Google’s market share in search. There is little doubt that Facebook are investing heavily in developing social search and with their recent influx of investment (notably from Goldman Sachs) I wouldn’t bet against them.

Couple this with social media overtaking the entertainment sector as the highest category of internet usage in the UK (social media now account for 12.4%) and you can see why businesses are investing in social media marketing.

To many mature businesses who are not targeting a young urban audience the need for a social media footprint must be unnecessary. But the consumers of tomorrow are using social media in an ever growing and influential fashion.

There can be little doubt that implementing best practice now in social media marketing will be a slow burner but produce substantial long term rewards.