Google Adwords, also known as pay per click advertising, can be an amazing tool for your business if set up correctly.  We like Adwords as it provides instant results and is a great way of introducing a business to internet marketing.

We have come across many businesses that have heard positive stories about using Google Adwords and have decided to give it a go themselves. This will initially save them paying for an expert to set up their campaign but can prove to be costly in the future.

One of the main problems that people come across with Adwords is Google’s broad search match. This is where you will enter a keyword, e.g “accountants clapham” into your add group and Google’s default setting for keywords is broad match (Please note that this can be changed to phrase match or exact match which will be explained in next week’s PPC blog).This now means that you will come up for various different permutations of that keyword when people are searching. This could include keywords like “accountant jobs Clapham” or “accountant apprenticeship.” This keywords may use up your budget if clicked upon but will not bring you the right traffic making your Adwords campaign costly.

In some campaigns the use of broad search terms can be very effective. The best way to get the most out of broad search is to place negative keywords into the negative keywords section. This tab can be found at the bottom of the keywords section within an Add Group. An example of a negative keyword could be “job” or “cheap”. They are essentially keywords that would not produce the right traffic for your business. Without negative keywords an Adwords Campaign can prove to be extremely expensive.

If you are currently using broad search and do not know how to view the exact keywords that people are clicking on you for, then please watch out for the podcast we will be posting this month about it.

If you are thinking about setting up a campaign then I would advise you to either research Adwords using recent books, video tutorials or speak to an Adwords expert who can construct your campaign for you and offer pay per click management if needed.