According to the latest report by Experian Hitwise Twitter had its highest peak of UK traffic on 9th May 2011. On that day a single Twitter user attracted more than 20,000 followers in hours after setting up an account claiming to ‘out’ those behind super injunction orders. The Experian report states:

“Visits to Twitter increased by 14% on 9 May, accounting for 1 in every 200 UK Internet visits that day, making the micro-blogging site the 17th most popular website in the UK. Between 2 May and 9 May there were over 500 unique search term variations which included the word ‘super injunction’ typed into Google, Bing or Yahoo!. Searches for the term ‘super injunction’ had increased fifty-fold since April, as stories surrounding the controversial topic peaked curiosity in UK Internet users.

With such interest surrounding the super injunctions, Internet users were very keen to see who was involved with the press gagging orders. It was clear from the data that the individual that aroused the most interest online was the football star, with 23% of all super injunction search terms also including the word ‘footballer’. By comparison, 13% included the word ‘actor’ and 1.3% contained the word ‘presenter’.”

Source: Experian Hitwise UK Online Media Round-up