As I said last week social media now accounts for over 12% of the time we spend on the internet in the UK. This in turn has seen businesses experiment with social media marketing to varying degrees of success.

Whilst I applaud efforts to engage consumers in the right tone through social media marketing I feel not enough businesses carry out social media monitoring and therefore lack clarity on the reward of their endeavours.

If you have any doubt about the importance of social media monitoring you only need to look at Salesforce’s acquisition of radian6 for $326 million (please see our specific blog on this link for more detailsĀ ).

So – how do you successfully monitor social media? Here are a few steps to help you on your way:


Define why you are doing it. Without a clear reason you will have no objective. Are you protecting your reputation? Are you responding to client discussion? Are you monitoring feedback on a specific marketing message?


Decide where to monitor. Choose environments relevant to your audience and industry. Do not try to listen to everything – the social web is too complex for this. Stay targeted.


Choose keywords to monitor. These may be brands, people, marketing slogans, industry buzz words or themes.

Have a plan.

Once you receive valuable data what are you going to do with it? How will you capitalise on good news and minimise the impact of any bad news? Have clear actionable plans in place with clearly defined roles for your team.

Get the right software.

Once you have all of the aforementioned in place you must have the right tools to monitor social media. Whilst Google Alerts is a good start bespoke software will provide more telling results. Invest accordingly.