“StartUp Britain is a new campaign by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, launched on 28th March 2011. Designed to celebrate, inspire and accelerate enterprise in the UK, it has the full backing of the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and HM Government.

This is a response from the private sector to the Government’s call for an ‘enterprise-led’ recovery. We believe that many of the important functions and services necessary to foster and champion new enterprise can be open-sourced, instead of provided by government directly. We aim to do this by creating a living market-place online for the wide range of enterprise support that is already available.

As a private sector organisation we aim to shoulder some of this responsibility for enterprise promotion with the government, re-modelling existing cost centres, and reducing the cost to the taxpayer.”

Emma Jones, founding member of Startup Britain and of Enterprise Nation, adds: “Startup Britain will inspire people to start a business who might not otherwise have considered it. It will celebrate entrepreneurship and accelerate the growth of those startup businesses that will in turn provide wealth, jobs and entrepreneurial legacy – which are all very much needed in the UK today.

The Government today also set out a series of measures to help inspire, support and grow business startups. These include:

  • working with the Peter Jones Foundation to make Tenner Tycoon grow tenfold, leading to 250,000 young people across primary, secondary and further education being loaned ten pounds to experience running a business.;
  • support for every school in England to run its own business through the Enterprise Champions Programme;
  • the creation of enterprise societies in every University and most Further Education Colleges to develop students with the ambition and skills for enterprise; and,
  • A new online tool enabling small businesses to pitch their ideas on how they could do the business of government more cheaply or more efficiently. The best pitches will be hand picked by a community of civil servants and will receive intensive mentoring from several of Britain’s best entrepreneurs.

Company pledges to Startup Britain include:

  • AXA will offer 10 per cent off business insurance
  • BlackBerry will offer 1,000 free Start Up Guides
  • Microsoft will train 5,000 start-ups in how to use technology to drive their business and marketing activities, including free technology resources worth up to £400 per company
  • Google will support start ups, initially by providing them with a limited amount of free advertising
  • Regus will offer one month free businessworld membership
  • O2 to offer one months free line rental
  • PayPal will offer  three months free fees for new accounts  when signing up to a Powa.com website
  • Fujitsu offers a 30-day free trial and/or 10% off the annual costs of IT storage/processing requirements via its online “Cloud” service
  • McKinsey & Co will join with leading employers to launch Entrepreneur First to encourage our most innovative graduates to start up their own business
  • YouGov and UCL, working with StartUp Britain and in collaboration with Imperial College London will lead the development of a pilot Start-up Summer to stimulate, encourage and support student entrepreneurs.

Interestingly and rightly, Startup Britain links to many SEO resources.