UX Research and Strategy

To give your users the best experience, you first have to understand their intentions. Scrollmaps, clickmaps and user recordings, paired with analytics, allow us to investigate audience behaviour and identify areas that need attention.


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UX Research & Strategy

How we do it

On-site research

Discovering how users interact with your site is the foundation of all our work. With on-site recording of user behaviour we can see how users progress through your site and where they may stumble. Paired with the insights we can uncover from analytics data, we’ll discover user intent and use this data to guide our recommendations.

Speaking to your users

Speaking directly to your audience can provide invaluable insight. We believe your audience are more than figures on a dashboard – engaging them can solve simple problems easily, and help diagnose wider issues that may not be apparent in analytics data.


We aim to know your business inside out, and hosting collaborative workshops with your team is a great way to do this. By working together, we can pair our user experience and digital marketing expertise with your domain knowledge to highlight challenges and long-term solutions.

For tips on how to run a user journey mapping session, take at look at our guide.

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Our User Experience services

We provide a range of UX services, on an ongoing or consultancy basis.

Research & Strategy

Set course with the right roadmap.

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Wireframing & Prototyping

Enable strong collaboration with an iterative approach.

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Information Architecture

Create the foundation upon which your user experience is built.

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Front-End Design

Build and optimise your digital presence.

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