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Content and information are at the heart of any site. Solid information architecture ensures users can easily find their way through your site, understanding its structure and where they should go next.

We focus on making complex site structures simple by ironing out digital stumbling blocks to empower your users. We will arm you with an understanding of how users access your content and how to structure your site to communicate your message clearly, helping you give a consistent message to your users.


How we do it

User research

By analysing how visitors use your site currently and what they are trying to achieve, we can uncover how to group, order and name information to enhance a user’s experience and achieve your website’s objective.

Card sorting

We make sure to test any new site structure or organisation with real users. Testing the grouping of sections and potential navigation systems, we make sure that the final outcome is intuitive for users from the outset. With new categories and labels tested, you can be confident that users understand your content and how to find pages as well as you do.

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“I often forget that the team at RocketMill are a separate company because they are so integrated in our business it feels as if they’re part of the family. They deliver everything that’s promised, achieve consistently positive results and I wouldn’t consider working with anyone else.”
Jenny Naiff

Our Campaigns Receive Recognition

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