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To identify and fix SEO issues we assess the technical foundations of your website, delving deep into its code. Using a suite of industry-leading tools we analyse areas which affect organic search visibility. We then prioritise our findings in a bespoke audit document, and can supplement this with an implementation roadmap – forming the cornerstone of your SEO strategy.


How we do it

Determine your issues

Search engines like Google analyse your website by crawling its contents. So, we do the same. Our crawler software visits every nook and cranny of your website, providing extensive information about its architecture and construction. We then run further analysis, looking into areas such as page speed, mobile performance, and international SEO. We also examine search engines’ indexes of your website, to learn whether they understand it correctly.

These processes help our technical SEO consultants perform a thorough, hands-on audit – one that is as unique as your website.

Comprehensive SEO knowledge

Over 200 factors are used to determine how your website ranks in Google. We understand the decisions which go into a search engine algorithm, and bring expertise in the following areas:

  • Search engine crawls and indexation
  • Site content, structure and navigation
  • HTTPS, redirects and error messages
  • Optimised page titles and descriptions
  • Download speed improvements
  • Mobile and tablet optimisation
  • Structured data and enhanced search results
  • Ecommerce functionality
  • International search engine optimisation

Actionable documentation

Our technical consultants will diagnose your issues in a bespoke audit document, written in plain English with minimal jargon. This will explain what each issue is, why it matters for SEO, which area of your site it affects, and the priority for fixing it. Your audit will highlight quick wins for an immediate performance boost, and projects to bring long-term growth.

We can then prioritise our findings in a roadmap, plotting the journey for your organic search campaign.

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What Our Clients Say

“RocketMill isn’t just a supplier to us, it acts like a true partner. Not only do they know what’s happening some time before it’s happened, but are ready with a prioritised action plan of how we should deal with it now.”
Simon Jary
Publishing Director

Technical SEO Insight

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