The Programmatic Display agency where your success is guaranteed

We will work alongside you to diagnose and forecast what success looks like for your brand, and we’ll stake our financial reward on the results we deliver. This confidence is built upon a platform of talent, our own algorithms and AI, and the best ad-tech stack in the market.


We’re trusted by a host of exciting brands

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Programmatic Display Advertising

We’ll use Programmatic Display to engage and motivate your audience

From RTB (real time bidding) to direct publisher deals – we use Programmatic Display to enable you to deliver your audience the right message, on the right device, alongside the right media, at the right time.

We enable this by harnessing several key ingredients:

  • Combining first and third party data with our own algorithms to deeply segment your audience based upon their propensity to do business with you.
  • Using the market’s best demand side platform (we use Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager) to deliver your message to our choice of over 900m websites.
  • Layering the tech with over 100 years of Paid Media experience, ensuring we optimise technical performance and sprinkle your campaign with some marketing serendipity.
  • And if you don’t have a creative agency we’ll help you by using our in-house team to craft adverts that enhance your customers experience of your brand.

A commitment to transparent and brand safe Programmatic Display

We have a contractual commitment to transparency with all clients. You’ll pay a flat fee, where any ad-tech or media owner incentives are disclosed and returned to you.

We do this because we believe Programmatic Display should be better. For several years it’s been treated as a cheap media, with brands chasing mass audiences, endangering their brand through poor customer experiences, and often not knowing where their money has been spent.

We stand for something different.

We have a heritage in media planning, so your brand’s safety and the experience your customers have when they engage with your display creative will always be front and centre.

Our Tech Stack – DoubleClick

Our DSP (demand side platform) is Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager. For Programmatic Display campaigns it’s the best ad-tech in the market, here’s why:

  • Unrivalled specificity for audience targeting with 35 third party data providers
  • Access to over 900m websites and 100 Ad Exchanges
  • Industry leading fraud protection
  • Diverse trading options, including programmatic guaranteed, open exchange and direct deals
  • The only DSP with YouTube inventory
  • With dozens of dimensions and metrics, and over twenty types of reports, DBM give unrivalled reporting on performance
  • Synchronisation with the DoubleClick stack, including DoubleClick Studio, allowing us to weave in dynamic creative
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“Outstanding team performance from the guys at RocketMill. The turnaround we have witnessed over the past 7/8 months has been very impressive, achieving demanding targets but delivering this at a decent CPA. ”
Rob Litawski
Bauer Media
Bauer Media

Video case study: How we increased Bauer Media’s subscriptions via Paid Media by 42%

Case study: How we increased NRS Healthcare's revenue by 337%

Our Paid Media services

We provide a range of Paid Media services, on an ongoing or consultancy basis.

Paid Media Strategy

Grow market share via data driven strategies from our award-winning team.

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PPC (Pay Per Click)

Increase sales or leads immediately with last click conversions.

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Programmatic Display

Communicate with the right people, at the right time, on the right device, with the right choice of media.

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Utilise the world’s best ad-tech stack to synchronise everything from your data management, to your display, to your PPC.

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Paid Social Media

Invest in brand building, engagement, leads or sales with acutely targeted activity.

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